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NC Software is proud to serve the aviation community with pilot logbook apps such as Logbook Pro and APDL for decades. We pioneer and innovate electronic logbooks for pilots making flight logging easy as ever. We continue to modernize our mobile, desktop, and web solutions taking full advantage of the cloud, mobile technology such as Apple iPhone, iPad, and Google's suite of Android powered devices. We start by creating for ourselves, what do we need as pilots ourselves, and then open our designs to the world. We hope you enjoy your software as we continue on our path ahead with exciting new products on our roadmap. View our best sellers.

Logbook Pro

One of the first electronic pilot logbooks ever, we continue to bring the aviation community updates and innovate new features making flight logging fun and easy. It's one thing to record a flight but taking that data beyond the logbook getting our customers hired by their dream jobs whether CFI or major airline. We work to cater to each and every pilot's needs and ensure you have the tools to help you track and show off your flying career. With the era of social media we are working to further the abilities of data sharing and embracing the cloud connected world of aviation. Logbook Pro Desktop is a full featured advanced solution to streamline data input but also provide extensive data analysis tools and reporting for any need. Mobile apps are available for both Apple and Google Android platforms to log flights within seconds when away from your PC. Learn more about Logbook Pro aviation logbook products and solutions. 

APDL - Airline Pilot Logbook

APDL launched in the early 2000's as the red book replacement. Airline pilot's loved APDL on their Palm Pilot's and later Pocket PC devices. NC Software acquired APDL a few years later to continue supporting the airline community and about 6 years after that we started efforts to bring APDL to the Apple platform, the chosen platform by most airline's for their pilots. APDL continues to evolve year after year catering to the airline pilot community flying under CFR Part 117. With 117 being a complex regulation we put APDL to work to cover you down to the minute in legality. APDL is the only app available that provides full CFR Part 117 coverage addressing all regulations and supplements. APDL helps pilots track duty, rest, payroll, schedules, commute options, legality, and so much more. Duty is presented in the familiar trip sheet format and the app is highly customizable to make it work for you. First time users simply install from the Apple App Store and enjoy full functionality for 90 days! Learn more about APDL for airline pilots.

Cirrus Elite Binder Solutions

Cirrus Elite is the leading supplier of logbook covers (binders) for pilot's logbooks. High quality solutions with varying capacities designed to ensure pages don't tear out by using custom ring solutions and paper products specifically designed for their binders. High quality leather, interior pockets, personalization available if you want your name on the binder, and a great choice of paper products to suit your needs. Whether maintaining a hard copy backup or preparing for your dream aviation job, a Cirrus Elite binder is the perfect solution for you. Learn more about binder solutions by Cirrus Elite.

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