Become an affiliate

Our best sales personnel are our customers and we thank you for helping to spread the word about our products. We invite you to join our affiliate program so we can share our success with you for your efforts in bringing new customers to our business. Once approved you can access our affiliate portal where you can get custom links to give out in email or social media, access banner ads to place on websites you may run, and other marketing materials to help you help us. We will also notify you of sale events so you can take advantage of these highly desired times of the year to earn commissions on your leads.

Requirements to join:

  1. Be able to receive payment by check or PayPal based on your preference in the affiliate portal account settings
  2. Complete the affiliate application subject to review and approval
  3. Keep your account in good standing with an updated address, email, and payment information to receive your commissions

Terms and conditions:

  1. You cannot earn commissions on your own personal purchases.
  2. Commissions are not retroactive. The system must trigger affiliate sales through the use of the provided links and banner ad materials.
  3. Prospective customers must make their purchase from using your link within 30 days of visiting the link for the sale to credit to your lead.
  4. Commissions are listed in the affiliate portal and increase based on your sales activity and success.
  5. Commissions are paid the month following sales once your account meets the minimum payout threshold of $25.
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