APDL Public Beta Available

01 April

We are happy to announce that our upcoming improvements to APDL including significant changes to schedule importing is now available for you to test in our public beta program. To join the public beta visit the link below:


Please submit a problem report from within the app for any feedback and also consider using our public beta forum for discussion as well:


Thank you for testing. Here are the release notes for the latest public beta as of today.


Quality Improvements

- Schedule Importer is available from the main menu.

- New Feature: Download Schedule is available for all airlines. Use it to log in and download your Schedule or import pairing easily.

- FLICA importing now includes pay-only duty periods.

- Copy, Paste, Scan replaces Paste and Process.

- Summary View Updated: FAA MedExpress Application, Custom Ranges, and Bid (Pay) Period Summaries.

- Check Schedules for FLICA users have been removed due to login restrictions made by participating airlines.

Much effort has been put into onboarding the Schedule Importer > Download Schedule feature to include Settings>Settings Checklist setup and introduction.

Running Download Schedule for the first time also has a recallable help overlay.

For FLICA users, there are two significant improvements.

1) Non-Flying Duty Periods are imported for Pay-Only.
2) If the user is on a Schedule Page, the importer will import only changes, speeding up the total import time.

Download Schedules is now generic enough to import pages and selected for all airlines. The supported airline restrictions no longer applies.

For many APDL users whose airlines use Flica as the primary crew schedule portal, direct access to your schedule is no longer available due to changes made by your respective airlines and the Flica developers.

To make importing your schedule and trip pairings easier for all APDL users, we removed the "Check Schedule" feature in APDL.

Download Schedules is an entirely new feature for schedule importing and will allow you, as the crew member, to log in and navigate to your current schedule. Then, with a single tap, download, check, and import your latest schedule into APDL.

We appreciate all the valuable input from our Beta Test groups. Please provide screen recordings and log files for both successes and failures as we test these new features.

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