Check schedule changes for FLICA users

For various reasons both on the APDL and FLICA side, the check schedule feature may not work as it has in the past. This is out of our control and we are working on changes to improve schedule importing in the road ahead as this is a complex task that we know is an important part of the APDL user experience. The best way of importing trips will always be copying your trip from your provider and pasting it into the schedule importer either using Paste & Process within the app or on the schedule importer at

We suggest users that used Check Schedule with FLICA in the past to do the following:

  1. Go to Settings > Schedule Importer and turn OFF "Check Periodically"
  2. Use APDL Toolkit by navigating to your schedule in the mobile Safari browser and then use APDL Toolkit to process the page (refer to documentation as needed)
  3. Alternatively, copy your trip and use the Paste & Process system to process your trips. 

Click here for APDL documentation on schedule importing.

UPDATE March 29, 2024: APDL now has a public beta available with significant improvements to schedule importing. Please see the link below: 

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